Triple-Pop Bypass skips the boring stuff and dives deep into the murky veins of music's resources, prepared for the blood and guts of war - armed with a brush-pan and a needle, it cleans up the act of music before injecting it with a hyper-rich plasma of anarchist resistance, re-animating its dreary past with the vitality of an immortal absurdity. 


Written in vague reference to the improvised music scene in Newcastle upon Tyne from 2011-2014, reimagined in absurdist fiction form, Triple-Pop Bypass celebrates the illusion that writing can be free-jazz if it asks really nicely.

Triple-Pop Bypass: Absurdist Music Fiction

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  • Trio of Handmade Pocket Booklets, available in a selection of colours.  For any colours not listed, please get in touch. As long as the colour card is available, it can be made. As this product is a collection of 3 pocket booklets, be sure to select your preferred 3 colours.